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  1. Avatar: Tsu'tey's Path
  2. Alteori Avatar videos
  3. What made you want to see the movie?
  4. Why doesn't the deluxe soundtrack have all of the songs?
  5. My new Avatar Music Video
  6. Happy first anniversary Pandora at Animal Kingdom!
  7. TOS forum as Na'vi clan
  8. Grace's school's curriculum?
  9. Experienced Avatar once again
  10. Na'vi and other human languages
  11. What Na’vi clan are you spiritually most connected to?
  12. The RDA and SecOps's role on Earth
  13. Should the Avatar drivers totally integrate into their Avatars?
  14. Do we have any official Avatar people here? 2) what is this picture? 3) No excitement
  15. 2010 Avatar/Kansas "Wayward Son" music video
  16. Avatar - Castle of Glass Music Video
  17. Do you want to send them a message?
  18. What would a glitch in a link bed look like?
  19. Should the Avatars totally integrate into the Na'vi?
  20. The Bull**** Occusations of Avata Pt. 2 - Imperialism
  21. Neytiri questions
  22. I went to Disney's Pandora.. Here's a Review!! :D
  23. Avatar - Stuff you didn't know :D
  24. Neytiri in Guardians of the Galaxy
  25. PCI (Pandora Conservation Initiative )
  26. Toruk - The First Flight Program Scans
  27. We're living on Pandora!
  28. Avatar prototype
  29. World of Avatar preview
  30. Pandora world of Avatar,Revel clips
  31. Fanon in Avatar community
  32. RDA WTF vehicals
  33. Lightstorm Entertainment funds Learn Na'vi's new hardware
  34. TORUK: The TV Premiere - I have it but...
  35. What are these towers for?
  36. The Dust Cover...?
  37. similarities between Earth in Avatar and Earth in Deus Ex
  38. What colour is it in real life
  39. Na'vi discovering humans all don't speak the same language
  40. unindendified RDA shoulder patch
  41. Where is the prison place in Hell's Gate located?
  42. Avatar Babies
  43. Assault rifle markings in AvatarŁ The game
  44. the CARB assault rifle left side imiege please?
  45. The Bull**** Occusations of Avata Pt. 1r-why is no one defending Avatar?
  46. Unique Cweapon props
  47. what do the markings mean on the the PDW's barrel and the RDA handgun grips?
  48. Theme Song "I see you" on accodion
  49. Valkyrie pilot uniform
  50. So, Cracked mentioned the tsahaylu scene...
  51. There are no forests on earth
  52. Alternative music for Avatar 1
  53. Similarities between Avatar and Titanic
  54. Na'vi and discovering humans having multiple languages
  55. James Horner tribute
  56. Avatar Script
  57. Avatar 2's actors
  58. Release of Avatar part two?
  59. Is the community too spread out?
  60. Zoe Saldana has Autoimmune Disease
  61. MOMS Ball Avatar's Toruk First Flight Adventures
  62. Anyone Have the Avatar Chess Set?
  63. TORUK: The First Flight
  64. Neytiri mural with a message
  65. Avatar 2 Pandora Ocean Aquarium Part II
  66. DeepSea Challenger Model
  67. Avatar Pandora Ocean theme Aquarium - Stage 1
  68. Avatar night light
  69. The emotional feelings of Avatar returns....
  70. AVATAR emotional impact and creative outlets.
  71. My AVATAR prep/setup. What's yours? Other thoughts
  72. A message and thank you to the Forum, regarding AVATAR
  73. Relationship Preference (Human/Human - Human/Na'vi - Na'vi/Na'vi)
  74. Hidden Messages
  75. What if Jake chose another woman?
  76. The Disney Park
  77. na'vi and human air
  78. Valkyrie reentry EC scene
  79. question?????
  80. Share Your Avatar Collection
  81. Tree of Souls on Earth
  82. The Training of a Tsahik
  83. Screenrush Article "Why has Avatar been Forgotten"
  84. AVATAR - 5 Years - A Look Back
  85. Symbols in Avatar music
  86. Recent Charlie Rose interview with James Cameron
  87. Na'vi Lobster?
  88. How many times have you seen Avatar?
  89. Found the magic in Avatar again
  90. Fall from grace
  91. What would the Na'vi's values be?
  92. Possibly The Closest Way To Go To Pandora.
  93. A somewhat obscure question
  94. How I related to Avatar and why I love it so much
  95. Tree of souls lamp?
  96. Is Starting an Avatar collection Too late to do at this point?
  97. Music that brings You closer to Avatar
  98. Do you think Avatar would have worked as an Animation?
  99. Could this be the beginning of the AMP suit?
  100. Avatar/LOTF project
  101. December 18th is upon us....honor it?
  102. How you know your best friend is your best friend?
  103. The feeling of runnin' through Pandora
  104. My (intentionally short) Avatar review for writing class.
  105. Life mating
  106. What is your favorite part of the Jake/Neytiri romance.
  107. Oculus Rift...
  108. So, how large of a tv do you need?
  109. Watching Avatar through Deleuzian 3D, Desire, Deterritorialization, and Doubling
  110. The Avatar Blues
  111. Some interesting Avatar discussion over on reddit's /r/scifi
  112. Everything that is wrong with Avatar in 4 minutes or less
  113. Choosing not to use a technology - impossible?
  114. My post-industrial reading of Avatar
  115. The problem(s) with Avatar
  116. Things for Avatar universe that I imagine
  117. Happy Avatar Day 2012 and Happy 3rd Avatar Release Anniversary
  118. Videos: JC at Hobbit premiere, and DeepSea Challenge
  119. A question for those who got inspired
  120. Na'Vi, therianthropes and ayahuasca
  121. The many reasons why I love Avatar
  122. Come on Sam......(sigh)
  123. Avatar 3D Blu-ray Giveaway
  124. Avatar a typical planetary romance?
  125. Re-Watched Avatar... After A Year And A Half
  126. How I maintain my connection to Avatar
  127. Would You If You Could?
  128. Na'vi "CHKDSK" :)
  129. "Virtual advances aid 'Avatar' sequel"
  130. Avatar
  131. Avatar Fan Film 3 - Who wants to take part?
  132. The geniality of the love story
  133. Something epic arrived in the post today...
  134. I Admit
  135. Newest Avatar Tattoo.... :D
  136. Can't believe I did it.....
  137. A Native Americans view of Avatar
  138. Our Only Home - With Russian Subtitles
  139. Avatar Nation Logo Contest-LAST CALL!!
  140. Unobtanium
  141. Does Jake flip Quaritch the double-bird?
  142. Avatar-Nation.net Logo Contest on Deviantart.com
  143. Return to Pandora Avatar Inspired Photo Shoot
  144. ........
  145. After AVATAR can you even enjoy anything else
  146. You might be addicted to Avatar when.....
  147. Actor Sam Worthington climbs Hollywood’s A-list after Cameron’s ‘Avatar’
  148. Sigourney Weaver says ALL films will eventually be 3D
  149. Zoe Saldana a hero in real life!
  150. Can the Na'vi breathe an Earthlike atmosphere?
  151. First time listening to the Avatar Soundtrack
  152. Peter Jackson talks about Avatar
  153. I can't believe I never went to go talk to him.............
  154. Is Neytiri the best catgirl ever?
  155. RDA Hell March
  156. Avatar 2's Ocean or Underwater Theme - Classic Sci-Booksi
  157. Happy New Years to all my TOS Family
  158. RDA vs. Dovahkiin (Fus Ro Dah!)
  159. Anyone else root for the humans?
  160. Our Only Home - with Italian Subtitles
  161. Orchestral soundtrack cover
  162. Avatar Nation Is Looking For Passionate Avatar Fans to Join The Cast
  163. Maybe Its The Time Of Season...
  164. Our Only Home - with Spanish Subtitles
  165. p.a.d. I haven't again...
  166. So now it is TWO YEARS since...
  167. Animals that repersent the navi
  168. Na'vi sociology
  169. Watched Avatar again, and feel depressed again!
  170. 'Keeping the feeling alive'? Here's how.
  171. Time to Go to Bed :D
  172. Just Hi :) , been a long time.
  173. What is this forum too you?
  174. A Full Moon
  175. Sam Worthington has enough weapons and running
  176. Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXII
  177. SAM WORTHINGTON in trailer for the CALL OF DUTY game.
  178. 1 Year since Avatar Fan Film Premier at IMAX!
  179. I felt that feeling again!
  180. The Thread of Hilarious (Avatar) pictures
  181. A very good Avatar quiz.
  182. Avatar Tribute, Theme Song Remix
  183. 2011 Halloween Thread! (and check-in)
  184. Avatar Tribute/Trailer with music from Ink
  185. John Landau
  186. A new point of view
  187. Ikran
  188. Help! :P
  189. I spoke Na'vi to my cat
  190. The activists on earth. Qs that I need answered plz.
  191. Eywa has heard us!
  192. Jake and Neytiri in prefect harmony
  193. Avatar Meet 2012 Survey Still Open - air your views and thoughts!
  194. the other Avatar drivers
  195. Samson filming model
  196. Fancy coming to a mass Avatar Fan Meet Up?
  197. Happy Birthday Jake
  198. Fan Film and Avatar Anniversary!
  199. Zoe Saldana reveals to have had a mental breakdown after "Avatar"
  200. This reminded me of Avatar a little...
  201. Looking for concept art
  202. "3 mags, 80 rounds..."
  203. Eywa-chan
  204. ATTN: BIG SKXAWNG on Deviant Art!!
  205. Hi my friends :)
  206. Avatar Novel
  207. old but good review of Avatar
  208. That's why we love movies
  209. Avatar motorcycle anyone?
  210. Avatar Tattoo Guy/Raymond Knowles gets some press today. :D
  211. Why the Avatars should not have been made
  212. ASG's Pandora vs RDA Scale
  213. Pandorapedia Taxonomy Errors
  214. Our fellow "family members" pictured in the SEATTLEST online.
  215. Korea's Got Talent Connection
  216. Avatar: The Game has one big fail?
  217. HABMOD - shape of ground plan?
  218. My experience Part 2
  219. Watch Pictures Live from the Seattle Meetup!
  220. My open email to 'Intuitor'
  221. Music from the ''Dream Hunt'' scene wanted
  222. Some more Avatar concept art
  223. Missing shots
  224. One year since the start of the Avatar Communitied Film Project!
  226. Are we missing some scenes?
  227. Original and CE openings
  228. Overheard today...
  229. Remember when we didn't know?
  230. Some recent pics of Zoe
  231. Samson help
  232. Did Jake look exhausted?
  233. I have now earned my place among the people....
  234. One Year after Avatar
  235. If you could represent Humanity with music to the Na'vi, what songs would you choose?
  236. a year later / Na'vi, again!?
  237. A Special Request
  238. Finally got my mom to watch Avatar! Well...
  239. My new tattoo of TORUK MAKTO ..yes, got me another one last night. :)
  240. Post Fan-made, Funny, or Serious Avatar Videos Here
  241. Avatar - Jurassic Comparissons
  242. Favourite Animal/Plant/Mix
  243. HAPPY EARTH DAY! :) Please Watch This Video As It Is Amazing
  244. Avatar Was Released On DVD/Blu Ray a Year Ago Today
  245. Mind blown
  246. My idea for CRAYOLA
  247. Avatar CD finally!
  248. Avatar Exhibition and Fan Meet-Up - Are You Coming?
  249. Avatar - a film that was written off
  250. Avatar cosplay at the Supanova pop-culture convention: a report