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  1. The ‘Avatar’ Sequels Have Wrapped Production
  2. [Rumor] Avatar sequel titles revealed
  3. Updates on the sequels shooting from JC
  4. David Thewlis Confirms He is Playing a Na'vi Character
  5. Willow Smith and Jaden Smith in sequels?
  6. Avatar: Dileep Rao Officially Returning for Sequels
  7. Possibly Avatar novels?
  8. Kate Winslet’s Avatar Sequel Character is Part of the ‘Sea People’
  9. Exclusive: James Cameron Explains How He’s Shooting Underwater Mo-Cap for ‘The Avatar
  10. Avatar Sequels: Kate Winslet is in
  11. Avatar Sequels Production pictures
  12. Avatar Sequels In “Full-Tilt” Production
  13. Avatar Sequels: James Cameron Confirms Quaritch as Villain
  14. Varang
  15. Cliff Curtis Signs On For Lead Role In Sequals
  16. Avatar Sequels Delayed... AGAIN
  17. Cancellation of 2 sequels
  18. Sigh... Avatar 2 won't be released in 2018
  19. Pandora attraction at Disney
  20. WDW'S 'World of Avatar' has an opening date
  21. First Look at Avatar Comic
  22. Avatar Sequels Begin Filming In August
  23. Images of Avatar World at WDW in 2017
  24. What the sequels might be about
  25. Stephen Lang Offers “Avatar 2” Update
  26. Avatar Official Site
  27. Join the Navi
  28. New tattoo idea, need opinions
  29. Wanna work with James Cameron?
  30. Some Sequal News - through to 2023!
  31. Avatar sequels will start filming on April 15th
  32. Avatar Sequel Delayed Beyond 2017
  33. James Cameron wants to prove Avatar success wasn’t 'some big fluke'
  34. Cirque du Soleil - Another Exlusive for Fans - Music & Na'vi
  35. Dark Horse Comics Announce Avatar Comics!
  36. Cirque du Soleil - Exlusive for Avatar Fans!!
  37. Avatar No 1 in CG VFX Mag Survey
  38. Cirque du Soleil Want To Hear From Us Fans!!!
  39. Avatar-Forums is back online!
  40. James Horner dead
  41. Avatar Digital Experience
  42. AVATAR 2 delayed . . . again!
  43. Avatar sequels tidbits + Cirque du Soleil + Avatar theme park
  44. Toruk - The First Flight - From Cirque du Soleil
  45. The James Cameron's Avatar Global Exhibition - Coming late 2016
  46. Lightstorm Launches Multiple Social Media Streams
  47. New Avatar-related Book Out!
  48. The 'Avatar' sequels are getting real with total social media relaunch
  49. Official: Avatar Sequel Delayed Until 2017
  50. They're gonna be bitchin'. You will s--t yourself with your mouth wide open
  51. Stephen Lang and Avatar 2
  52. 20-year blueprint for expanding world of Avatar
  53. How James Cameron Wrote Three ‘Avatar’ Sequels Simultaneously
  54. James Cameron + Cirque du Soleil = 'Avatar' Arena Show
  55. [Confirmed] Sigourney Weaver will be in all 3 sequels
  56. Jim Cameron - Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  57. happy 4th b-day, ToS
  58. Update on the sequels directly from JC
  59. Are you one of the 50 million?
  60. Zoe Saldana Talks Prep For "Avatar 2"
  61. Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana Back for All Three 'Avatar' Sequels
  62. James Cameron to Release Documentary on Climate Change
  63. [Confirmed] Stephen Lang will be back for the next 3 Avatar films
  64. Avatar (2,3 & 4) will start filming... October 2014
  65. The Avatar universe coming to you... in slot machines?!?
  66. Is Colonel Quaritch returning in Avatar 2?
  67. [Rumor] Arnold Schwarzenegger would play a vilain in Avatar2
  68. The Avatar universe coming to you... in 4 book
  69. Sneak Peak at Disney "Avatar Land"
  70. JC finally announces his plans for the next Avatar movies!!
  71. Jon Landau talk at NAB 2013
  72. Fox Finds New $400 Million Slate Deal, Covers 'Avatar 2'
  73. Avatar The Exhibition at Liberty Science Center
  74. Avatar Becomes the First Film to Sell More Than a Million Copies on Blu-ray in the UK
  75. Dr Paul Frommer giving a talk...
  76. Avatar 2 & 3 will probably start shooting next February
  77. Avatar Exhibition to open in Canada
  78. More speculation on a 4th film, but nothing much as of yet
  79. Avatar 3D on blue ray Oct 16, 2012
  80. Avatar Blu-ray 3D Collectors Edition
  81. Avatar nightclub opens in South Africa...
  82. Happy Birthday, Zoe!
  83. Maybe 3 more Avatar movies?
  84. Video: James Cameron Wants to Convert Everyone to ’5-D’
  85. Cameron looking to China for future projects
  86. Avatar television premier on FX
  87. "Avatar" shown as Easter movie on German free TV... why I won't watch it!
  88. Av2 Delay Explained
  89. Little Details from Jon Landau
  90. Cameron sets world solo deep dive sub record
  91. Cameron takes Sam to go scuba diving prepping for sequel
  92. James Cameron moving to New Zealand
  93. JC opens Australian office of 3D company
  94. Sequel News: A video interview with JC
  95. Avatar Sequels Delayed? :(
  96. Disney's Animal Kindom
  97. 'Avatar' star to remain homeless
  98. Avatar being added back to Itunes
  99. Cameron is being sued or Avatar!
  100. ABC NEWS with JC on Avatar Sequels
  101. Moar Avatar 2 news.
  102. Some Avatar 2 news...
  103. Listen to James Cameron's voice in Avatar and other movies
  104. JC interview on 3D Movies
  105. AVATAR Coming To Disney Parks
  106. Sigourney Weaver will officially be in Avatar 2
  107. Avatar is back in Odeon cinemas!
  108. Interview: Sam would want to do 10 Avatar movies
  109. Sam says Cameron IS writing the novel (the Avatar bible)
  110. Avatar will be much more than movies in the future
  111. 'Avatar' fans learn to speak Na'vi language
  112. Jake Sully collectible figure from Hot Toys
  113. 3-D in the movies: Getting in too deep
  114. Minor News tidbit from the Twitter-space....
  115. Avatar: The Exhibition - Reviews from web
  116. Neytiri Maquette pre-orders started June 9th 2011!
  117. Avatar sequels to be solar-powered
  118. Avatar: The Exhibition Opening Panels
  119. JC and Michael Bay talk 3D
  120. Avatar MMORPG?
  121. James Cameron bought 50 RED EPIC-Ms
  122. Cameron & Schwarzenegger to reunite?
  123. James Cameron looks to Brazil for “Avatar” inspiration
  124. James Cameron is working on avatar 2 and 3 script..
  125. Long James Cameron Interview + news tidbits
  126. Gentle Giant Mini Bust's pre-orders.
  127. Fresh James Cameron interview by Dailymail
  128. Avatar wins ‘Best Foreign Film’ at 34th Japan Academy Awards
  129. MTV James Cameron interview regarding underwater in Avatar 2 , 3
  130. A couple of JC news...
  131. James Cameron is on twitter!
  132. Michelle Rodriguez fights for Avatar at Fanfest 2010
  133. Avatar sequels to benefit environmental movements
  134. Hometree Initiative exceeds its goal
  135. Special Collectors Edition Home Theater Magazine
  136. Avatar 3d premiere on Christmas Eve
  137. Avatar - Most pirated film of 2010
  138. Sam talks Avatar 2
  139. JC's feeling generous this Christmas
  140. Legacy Effects Neytiri Statue
  141. Avatar SE 3d returns to the Polish Cinema
  142. "Avatar producer Jon Landau drops clues to sequels "
  143. Avatar Gets Its Own Museum Exhibit
  144. AVATAR 3D Blu-Ray Available Now
  145. Blu-ray Sales, November 15-21: Avatar Returns
  146. 3D Content Hidden in Avatar Collector’s Edition Blu-ray
  147. Avatar Special Edition returning to theaters
  148. UK people: don't read Brooker's column in the Guardian today
  149. Preview of some scenes from the Extended Collector's Edition (SPOILERS)
  150. Zoe Saldana interview
  151. James Cameron and Jon Landau @ Blu-Con 2010
  152. MTV article about 'Avatar' Sequels: Everything We Know So Far
  153. Which Never-Before-Scene Clip Do You Want To See First? (youtube votepoll)
  154. Short sneak peak on upcoming Avatar CE
  155. JC's Official next project: Avatar 2 & 3
  156. And James Horner's most listened song in the Spotify is.. ?
  157. Sigourney Weaver interview by io9
  158. Flying high with JC
  159. Avatar Extended Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Official Announced
  160. Avatar mobile game for Android
  161. Sigourney Weaver Hints Return To Avatar
  162. Pinball!
  163. Update on the upcoming AVATAR Collector's Edition
  164. 68 minutes of extra footage
  165. "The Ultimate Fan's guide to Avatar" on sale.
  166. James Cameron on Avatar definitive edition Blu-ray
  167. James Cameron to dive very deep into Pacific Ocean Mariana Trench for 'Avatar' sequel
  168. James Cameron on final director's cut
  169. This is kind of sad... :(
  170. cool MTV Jim, Zoe, Sam interview
  171. Avatar director vows to return for Amazon tribe fight
  172. Avatar Board Game
  173. This looks pretty great
  174. Avatar 3D Blu-ray Exclusive for Panasonic in December
  175. "Avatar tribe" wins over Mining Giant
  176. Avatar Collector's Edition Blu-ray on November 16
  177. Avatar Collector's Edition Bluray will have 45 minutes extra footage
  178. Good review of Avatar SE
  179. New interview with Sam and Zoe
  180. IMAX & 3D theater listings for Avatar : SE
  181. James Cameron on Avatar Re-release (Attack of the Show)
  182. Avatar members program issue 2010-08-24
  183. AVATAR RE-RELEASE another version. :)
  184. First official information about Avatar Collector’s Edition BD/DVD
  185. New Details on BD/DVD special edition and Avatar 2
  186. Avatar 2 & 3 may be filmed back-to-back
  187. New Special Editon Trailer! Even more unseen footage!!!
  188. JC: Avatar would have been 'terrible' if it was live action
  189. 2010 Teen Choice Awards
  190. Avatar members program issue 2010-08-07
  191. MTV interview with JC about Avatar novel and sequel
  192. New James Cameron Interview! AVATAR Re-release, Sequel info
  193. Neytiri 1:4 statuette pre-orders started
  194. Neytiri at comic con
  195. Amazon Rainforest Inhabitants Loved Avatar
  196. Avatar Re-release details (spoilers)
  197. Avatar SPECIAL EDITION Cinema trailer
  198. James Cameron CNN's Most Intriguing Person of the Day
  199. Avatar Program new trailer
  200. Avatar Program Bulletin 7.9.10
  201. Everyone Should See "making of Avatar"
  202. Avatar Re-Release Dates
  203. Avatar tops the Saturn Awards!
  204. For all you perverts: Hustler Releasing 3-D Pr0n Parody Of Avatar
  205. Vote Avatar at 2010 Teen Choice Awards!
  206. James Cameron Interview
  207. Avatar Re-release!!
  208. Jim at TED
  209. This just in: Director James Cameron meets with feds on oil spill
  210. 4th week blu-ray sales
  211. The Insane Avatar Copyright Lawsuit Filed Against James Cameron
  212. "Avatar Sequel to be Announced Within ‘A Few Months’ "
  213. 3rd Week Blu-ray Sales + Info on Sequel
  214. Phoenix Comicon
  215. "Avatar movie producer interested in Avatar MMO"
  216. Making of avatar (videos)
  217. Avatar doubles Bluray sales record
  218. ESPN Magazine cover Avatar?!
  219. TIME Magazine Review of the new Avatar DVD
  220. Hometree Initiative
  221. Avatar sets first-day Blu-ray sales record.
  222. The Daily Show...
  223. Palestinian Protesters Dress Up As Na'vi???
  224. Tree of Souls replica to be built in London
  225. James Cameron: The 'Avatar' sequel will dive into the oceans of Pandora
  226. Cameron with Lucid Dreams
  227. OMG listen to JC is Saying! Na'vi to English dictonary is coming!
  228. Fortune Magazine Names James Cameron one of it's "Visionaries"!
  229. People Magazine Article about Amazon Trip
  230. Video of James Trip to the Amazon
  231. New Information about the DVD Releases in April and November
  232. Avatar More Powerful than Gore Flick?
  233. James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver bring "Avatar's" environmental lessons to Capitol
  234. Amazon defenders win bid to stall huge dam project
  235. Zoe Saldana's Demands for Next Avatar Film
  236. Sigourney Weaver Attacks Oscar Voters
  237. Info About DVD Releases in April & November
  238. Avatar in the Amazon
  239. Pre-order Avatar and get it autographed by Paul Frommer
  240. Producer Jon Landau Answers Questions About Avatar from the YouTube Community
  241. Kathryn Bigelow: James Cameron is behind all my Oscars
  242. New Avatar DVD/Blu-Ray Release TV Trailer!
  243. Avatar wins three Empire awards
  244. Blu-ray special edition info
  245. AVATAR out of 3D
  246. AVATAR back in 3D
  247. Ask James Cameron!
  248. Avatar DVD - Blu-Ray Pre-Order Begins!
  249. Avatar Box Office
  250. Avatar Re-release in fall, with additional footage?