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  1. Physicist Creates Most Magnetic Material on Earth, Might Overturn Laws of Physics.
  2. Get Naked: It’s Good for Your Brain.
  3. New Study Could Bring Scientists One Step Closer To Biological Immortality!
  4. 3D Takeover: Is It Too Much Too Soon?
  5. 3d tv!
  6. New Software For Opportunity And Spirit's progress....
  7. Place Your Bets!
  8. What Is Your Favourite Science?
  9. Physicists Observe Quantum Properties In The World Of Objects.
  10. Dynamic Architecture.
  11. Future Cities.
  12. Carbon Fibre: Not Quite There Yet.
  13. Space Travel Propulsion.
  14. Bioluminescence On Earth.
  15. Tampering With The D.N.A.
  16. Guy Replaces His Fractured Bone With Carbon Fibre Bone !!!
  17. Lucky us. :) Nanotech Will Exterminate All Genetic Disease!!