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  1. who remembers the ATI/AMD radeon 5970?
  2. Could a C+21 Dragon land on a aircraft carrier_
  3. A step closer to the Avatar capsule
  4. Avatar Style South Korean AMP Suit Robot
  5. Minimize Our Energy Costs
  6. RDA-made Wasp revolver?
  7. Earth-mass world discovered in orbit around Proxima Centauri!
  8. Is there a unobtanium refinery at Hell's Gate?
  9. RDA knife? (Used by soldiers)
  10. what purpose do these serve? what are they?
  11. Can you help us with new ideas?
  12. Credit card machine
  13. Energy Management Assistance
  14. Electronics in plants
  15. New Horizons image of Pluto and Kuiper belt objects
  16. Plants Really Do a talk To Each Other
  17. GS-221 can someone hepl, please?
  18. Post your HS pictures of Valkyrie shuttle!
  19. Real Banshee?
  20. New deep-sea organism may re-write the phylogeny of life on Earth.
  21. Colossus project
  22. More proof We are not alone!
  23. elysium exosuit
  24. Potential Earth-like planet discovered
  25. A woman got a new 3D-printed skull
  26. A page of cool images showing Saturn's aurora
  27. A look at today's Sun
  28. Starship Congress
  29. The end of theory - end of science?
  30. Three superearths 22 light years away
  31. Another Earth Just 12 Light-Years Away?
  32. First results from James Cameron's dive.
  33. What is living in your pond?
  34. Amateire astronomers find planet in four star system
  35. Earth mass planet in orbit around Alpha Centauri B
  36. Got a server. Don't know what to do with it.
  37. 100 Percent ELECTRIC POWERED Ultralight
  38. Augmented Reality Real Time Translator
  39. Coronal mass ejection pins the needles on "stereo"
  40. Freindly competiton for 2013 meetup
  41. WHAT (and how long), would it take to make Alpa Centauri
  42. Panoramic photo of Mars' surface
  43. What geeky (tech) things do you do?
  44. Any Ham Radio operators in the forums?
  45. 500m of conductive biologival nanowire per cm² in ocean floor
  46. Lake Vostok reached
  47. Virus created high efficiency batteries and solar cells?
  48. Critter of the Week - Entry Comments
  49. Critter of the Week - Weekly Entries
  50. Critter of the Week
  51. Animation techniques already 30 000 years ago?
  52. Venus transiting the sun on 5-6th June
  53. SpaceX Dragon
  54. Project to colonize Mars in 11 years?
  55. USSR found water on the moon - in 1976!
  56. Mind controlled robot for paraplegics
  57. Supermoon!
  58. Lecture about the biology in Avatar
  59. James Cameron Partners in Asteroid-Mining Venture
  60. Who will replace us?
  61. James Cameron on Discovery's Robogeddon
  62. Lake Vostok reached!
  63. Silicon Graphics: Resurrection
  64. Bioluminiscent sponge gives new ideas to scientists and engineers
  65. Someone at DARPA likes Avatar
  66. Growing a brain
  67. See Avatar wherever you are
  68. Spin As A Boson?
  69. Ancient forests preserved in stone
  70. Watch Avatar with stereoglasses
  71. Awesome Extrasolar Planets
  72. Photovoltaic technology
  73. Interesting Articles on Physics
  74. my company
  75. Going up against gunships with bows and arrows - Meet Nano Bubbles
  76. Diabetes has not been defeated / 90th anniversary since introduction of insulin
  77. Astronomers still have long way to reach stars (brief from recent 100YSS conference)
  78. Remote controlled mice, the beginnings of making the Avatar reality.
  79. My avatar e-bike build
  80. Super cool gadget - touchscreen digital music stands
  81. Open Source Ecology - sustainable civilization blueprints
  82. CO2 removed from pollution and atmosphere to produce alternative fuel
  83. SOPA & PIPA (American anti censorship movement)
  84. Updates on the Higgs particle
  85. Kepler 22b, a new Earth?
  86. Korea wants robotic prison guards
  87. Dinosaur feathers found in amber
  88. Augmented Reality in 3D
  89. Jurrasic Park... Kinda
  90. Photosynthetic Animals
  91. Hypnosis
  92. Pandora Could Be Real
  93. Sudo make me a sandwich!
  94. Steve Jobs has died.
  95. faster than light neutrinos :D
  96. Skynet wants YOU!
  97. "I can't let you do that, Dave"
  98. Dark Matter might be an Illusion
  99. IBM produce the next step of AI overlording
  100. Food, glorious food!
  101. Cure for viruses claimed
  102. Circuits Integrated into Human Skin.
  103. solar flares and the electric grid
  104. Anti-Matter Particles trapped around Earth
  105. Mathematics of cities
  106. Like nuclear power? why not build your own reactor...
  107. Unlimited Power!
  108. Help choosing a domain name
  109. pictures of human irises
  110. Space shuttle Atlantis touches down
  111. Want to narrate an astronomy YouTube channel?
  112. Google+... what are your thoughts?
  113. Neptune makes one complete orbit since its discovery!
  114. Hydrogen peroxide found in space
  115. Artifical photosynthesis
  116. Got to use a big telescope
  117. New alloy converts heat directly to electricity
  118. Living in cities creates psychological problems
  119. Humans may be able to see magnetic fields
  120. The 100 Year Starship Study
  121. SETI Turns Radio Telescopes Towards Earth Like Planets, Listening for Life
  122. Re: May 2011:The Discovery of Pandora/Earth 2.0: Earth 2.0 Announced!
  123. Species are like cells and ecosystems are like organisms, study shows
  124. Towards a dark planet
  125. Odd little error message
  126. creating neural network AIs - to let them go insane
  127. Wind-driven pump can save the Baltic Sea
  128. Densest known rocky planet!
  129. Colonies in space, our future?
  130. Happy Birthday, Hubble!
  131. Second-generation 3D TVs
  132. Festo-SmartBird
  133. Earth's Two Suns
  134. Post your favorite images of celestial objects
  135. NASA scientists find traces of extraterrestrial life...
  136. Star Size Comparison
  137. LG CF3D - world's first 3D FULL HD projector
  138. There are at least 50 billion exoplanets in the Milky Way
  139. What do to with those old disk drives...
  140. IBM Supercomputer Beats Jeopardy! Genius Ken Jennings
  141. Replica of the Antikythera Mechanism -out of Lego!
  142. Kepler team announce discovery of more than 1,200 exoplanets!
  143. James Cameron working on new technologies
  144. Is Smell-O-Vision the future of 3D?
  145. Star Betelguese could go supernova as early as 2011 - Earth's 'second sun'
  146. My Awesome Clock
  147. Star Trek Tech?
  148. Hanny's Voorwerp
  149. Fuel from Algae!
  150. List of emerging technologies
  151. Tree of Souls Folding@Home team
  152. Top 10 Things That Could End The World
  153. How long can you watch this?
  154. ESO and Hubble - The Astronomical Highlights of 2010
  155. My new headphones
  156. New states of water discovered - Begs question: Do we really know water?
  157. Total Lunar Eclipse tomorrow morning (21st December) - A Viewer's Guide
  158. Random Tech/Science Thought and Chatter
  159. The Specs of this computer...
  160. Who Wants a Powered Armor Exoskeleton?
  161. Voyager reaching Solar System's edge
  162. Epic Discovery: Astronomers Announce First Evidence of Alien Universes!
  163. New Theory Explains How the Universe Could Have Been Created Out of Nothing
  164. Stars: A lot more than points of light
  165. Partly arsenic-based lifeform discovered.
  166. Underground tunnels found on moon
  167. There are 3x more Red Dwarf stars than originially predicted
  168. Big NASA press conference coming up, new astrobiological finding to be discussed.
  169. Animals found to survive in outer-space.
  170. Hands up everyone who wants glowing trees!
  171. Help Re: Increasing size of Patitioned Drive
  172. We could have had hard drives (and much much more) in the 1940's.
  173. Saturn's moon Rhea may have a breathable atmosphere
  174. First exoplanet from another galaxy discovered
  175. Ptolemy was right
  176. Solar System : Trans-Neptunian Objects [ TNOs ]
  177. Solar System : Europa
  178. Solar System : Titan
  179. Natural Elegance
  180. Internet Security
  181. My new calculator
  182. Stealth in space
  183. Mountains discovered in Saturn's rings
  184. The Most Distant Object In The Universe
  185. Avatar’s New Twist on Plants
  186. Awesome
  187. Real life Ikrans and Toruks
  188. Irish Astronomer Discovers 2010IK Supernova in his Backyard
  189. New Earth-Like Planet Discovered, Crackpot Astronomer Says "Chance Of Life, 100%"
  190. New found exoplanet around Gliese 581 - Earth sized and in the habitable zone
  191. Time may end within Earth's lifetime, says physicists.
  192. Mass and Energy
  193. This article will blow your mind
  194. Unified theory
  195. Supernova explosion travelling faster than light questions laws of physics
  196. Nuclear Warfare 24000 Years Ago?!?
  197. May 2011: The Discovery of Pandora/Earth 2.0
  198. Virgin Galactic: world's first commercial spaceline
  199. You emit light!
  200. Scientists discover evidence of the supernova that triggered the birth of our Sun
  201. Most Complex Solar System Discovered
  202. James Cameron featured in NASA public service announcements
  203. New method of detecting dark energy discovered
  204. A Real Life Minority Report...
  205. Pics of the Perseid meteor shower
  206. Computer Picture Thread!
  207. Earth's Technology To Search For Advanced ET Life Is 'Laughably Primitive.'
  208. Life In The Universe: The Great Filter.
  209. Most Massive Star Discovered.
  210. The Gyroscope.
  211. My Mineral Collection.
  212. Bladeless Fan.
  213. Dark Matter Mystery May Have Been Solved.
  214. Are We Living In A Black Hole?
  215. Das xPhone.
  216. Time May Be Disappearing From The Universe.
  217. The Most Ancient Light Of The Universe.
  218. The Moon To Be Used As Humanity's "Toolkit" To Rebuild Race.
  219. Where Is The Center Of The Universe?
  220. Bizzare New Theory - Are Cosmologists Getting Desperate?
  221. Feedback Needed. :)
  222. N.A.S.A. Responds To 2012 Fears.
  223. Do You Believe In The Existence Of Aliens?
  224. Nice Mention Of Pandora In JPL Info.
  225. What Is "Dark" Energy And Matter?
  226. No More Glasses.
  227. Destruction Of The Universe?
  228. Dark Matter And Dark Energy May Not Exist.
  229. Something That May Explain The Ageing Of Universe Issue.
  230. Big Bang Theory Comes Under Fire.
  231. New Research Indicates That The Universe Is Older Than We Thought.
  232. Hello Out There!
  233. Caprica, Gamer, & Surrogates: Overlooked Benefits Of Virtual Worlds.
  234. Everything Was Made From 'Nothing.'
  235. First human To Be Infected With A Computer Virus.
  236. S.D.O. Observes Massive Eruption, Scorching Rain.
  237. Hubble Finds A Star Eating A Planet.
  238. James Cameron Helping N.A.S.A.
  239. Microsoft's Future Vision for 2019.
  240. First Ever Synthetic Cell. Fascinating.
  241. Calculating PH Levels HELP!!!!
  242. Bio-degradable Plastics Pros & Cons!
  243. Nanobot Technology?
  244. Help Find The Real Pandora! Join SETI In Their Search For Extraterrestrial Life!
  245. Future Entertainment Becomes Simulated Reality!
  246. Plastic 'Sponge' Could Help Biofuels Scrub CO2 From The Environment.
  247. Space Mining; What Would It Involve...
  248. Obama Has Permanently Shut The U.S. Manned Space Program.
  249. Oxygenated Water Real Breakthrough Or Tons Of Hot Air? (Oxygenated Water Non-sense)
  250. Hate CHKDSK? Then Look Here...