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  1. Plot idea for Avatar 2/3
  2. Hope that JC is trolling the fans (re. the sequels)
  3. Neytiri's future, Avatar 2 plot expectations
  4. We will have no economist in the future
  5. Air in the link chamber
  6. Norm and his Avatar
  7. Falling in Love - Avatar Style
  8. Purpose of Quaritch's ground detachment?
  9. Volatile Tropes in Avatar
  10. Tom's death
  11. The RDA can't do physics
  12. Other sky people
  13. " Come on back kid"
  14. EXO packs
  15. Other Avatars
  16. Avatar emergency abort
  17. Did it bug anyone else how Jake entered the final battle..?
  18. “You think you're one of them?...” Driving Quaritch mad
  19. Human Technology: Year 2154
  20. The Climactic Moment...
  21. Remote controlled Avatar question.
  22. Time of Great Sorrow
  23. Link Machines
  24. How would you think of the after "Situation" back on earth
  25. timing of destruction of Hometree
  26. So you chose to stay, Now what?
  27. How long did the Omamaticaya live in Hometree?
  28. How Many Humans were at Hell's Gate?
  29. If Norm had already logged link time...
  30. Dreamwalkers: Are they ugly by Navi Standards?
  31. Subtitles
  32. Do the additional CE scenes make Selfridge more evil?
  33. Does anyone feel that the story was a bit too obvious?
  34. Taking the Initiative
  35. Canon and non-canon scenes?
  36. Colonel Miles Quaritch: Insanity's Edge?
  37. Full Script PDF
  38. Linked scenes and mirror scenes
  39. Interbody transference
  40. Do you think the Na'vi learned something in the movie?
  41. Arrival at the birthday party
  42. Why did Jake's Toruk leave?
  43. "you are mine now" - Ikran bonding
  44. Understanding Some of the RDA's Motives (SE Scene)
  45. FAQ and common misconceptions
  46. What happened to the Samson that was chasing Neytiri?
  47. What if there was no Unobtainium?
  48. Jake & Neytiri - an idealised male concept of romance?
  49. Avatar game scenario.
  50. Things you notice on repeat viewings...
  51. Jake's Learning Rate
  52. How do you think the Na'vi felt when Jake Retured as Toruk Mokto?
  53. So releving When Ewya Heard Jake!
  54. The downing of Trudy's Samson
  55. How Quaritch and his men accidentally saved the main characters
  56. Unauthorized Engine Start...
  57. The Three Acts
  58. Comparing RDA aerial weapons to modern weapons
  59. Plot isnt original...
  60. What scenes "hit" you the hardest?
  61. Avatar driver hours and "matechoosing"
  62. Did anyone else notice..
  63. Destruction of Hometree
  64. Learning the tools of modern warfare...
  65. The "Eywa" Theory
  66. Funniest Moments