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Default Avatar and our Heartfelt core understanding

Avatar Speaks to people on many levels and for some it points to a very deep part of our peoples universal primal core understanding. because James Camerons film is a Mirror story at its deep core , it reflects back on some very deep core memorys of our peoples past actions and issues we see going in today. No other film has ever moved a collective Global audience around the world at such a deep level of emotive understanding .Avatar points to our core heartfelt understanding shared and held in deep regard in the Collective understanding of global native peoples , In Truth mater what cultural roots one comes from we all hold this connection to our core humanity Avatar pointed to this place and let us all feel this part of our understanding, Has one honestly ever asked Why global Native peoples share so many comon "roots"? Could this be the missing link to our peoples connetive core understanding ? many people after seeing Avatar speak of "The Navi spirit inside" and of deep core feelings of "not belonging" and issues facing deep emotions and depression but never dig down to roots "Under" these deep Feeling its not easy to put in words but I invite people to try, speaking from experence it goes much deeper then one thinks. There is a Very real world Event happening now Called "Idle No More " that is a chance for our people to learn a very powerful lifes lesson and see inside the core roots of these feelings reflected on very real world issues The Na'Vi inside for some comes from very deep core memorys
if one can "Bridge back" one can "see" the deep core roots these fealings and emotions come from that are unique to every persons core Sense of place and inner accountabilty, (Search on Chief Spence hunger strike and Idle No More)
(From The Album "Native Children"s Survival" -Heartbeat-

"Heartbeat" music video - YouTube

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