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Default Native leadership and importance of condolence

In upper New York live a people called the Haudenosaunee (Native American)
At there core of there life way lies "The law of great peace" also known of as
The Law of the good minds.
At the core of there leadership comes an understanding
of a part of our inner self we all hold deep inside a part of ones core emotions and "feelings" this insight is deeply valued in there culture for resolving issues
there people face and is importent for it lets there people "See and respect each other"
there people call this deep part of our core understanding
"Orenda" or ones core "Orenda Spirit" that forms deep connection to each persons
Core "sense of Self" there leadership is required to recognise the importance of
this in every person in there community, "I see you" "I Hear you" and value what
you have to say when you speak,
I think many people here who resonated with the examples of Na'vi peoples life way
and there story of a great peacemaker who united "The people" in a time of great
sorrow would find there examples very reflective of Avatars core story on many levels, and I would welcome debate on this subject if there is intrest
What the speaker Jake Swamp a former councel chief speaks (He is no longer living) about in the core importance of giving thanks, condolence and of the and how we can all come to terms with what is happeing in our world today in addresing the Grief our people hold deep inside I think this reflectes on the "soure of the emotions people felt after seeing Avatar and the roots of where they came from. (Jake speaks at 47:00)
its my hope in sharing this that people will look into core the roots of what is spoken on here
and share there feelings on what is said , If there is continued intrest its quite posable for us to share dialog and questions with there elders if there is intrest.
When they speak on the core language of peace it goes much deeper then people think this is a core part of the Great Law.

In speaking on the great law "The hardest part of the great law,, Is to understand the meaning of the core consept of "peace" Peace is not simply the "absence of war". In the Iroquoian mind peace is a "state of mind ". each "indvidual" has a "Base spiritual power", as you go through life as Hausdenosaunee. experence diffrent things , learn more, coprehend more ,and tap into other forms of spiritual power , your own spirit grows as well. The old timers called it "O'ren'da" everyone is thought to have it to some degree, It effects how we do things. It is a part of our heartfelt core understanding. Good minds have strong Orenda. so the ultmate power of the great law rests on "how well the indidual person develops there sense of "self" in regards to the well being of others in the clan,. In the village,, in the nation,, and in the confedracy of the six nations. (orignaly five )

When Avatar meet 2013 visits the museum of the Native American Indian (where this talk took place) one can better understand
the symbolisum in there world view and the meaning of there headdresses and powerful symbolisum of The Tree Of Peace.
(Explained after the thanksgiving address at the start of the talk allways given in there native language.)
the orignal roots of democracy where born here and spread around the world few know this as this history is not taught
today in schools.

Preamble to the Republic: Condolence, Wampum, and the Language of Peace - YouTube


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