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Old 01-13-2015, 12:02 PM
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Default Face it-god doesn't exist!

Ok I thought about the 'god' thing and realized that he doesn't exist, why? Look in the newspaper watch the news in Tv you'll see why. Look whats going on on this world Wars.everywhare peaple killing each other some examples:
-war on Ukraine, I live in Poland(I am a cidison of USA and Poland) and I'm scared to death that Putin might invade Poland He already took Krym from Ukrain and next Poland might be his next target, who knows that? Putin is psychotic!

Those arabic mother****ers (terrorists) are going ****en crazy! did you hear the about the shooting in schools killing inicount children and they do it for who? For some stupid ****ing statue of metal called 'Allah'thats what it is! Its no god its a piece of metal thats what thare doing KILLING INICOUNT PEAPLE JUST BECOUSE THEY SON;T BELIEVE IN A PIECE OF METAL

I son't give a **** if a terrorist see this and decides to kill me, I just don't!

Whatever you call god is it Allah, Jahweh Buddha or whatever its the same thing

And now I'm asking whare is god? why doesn't he sto all of those mother****ing russians and arabs/terrorists?WHERE IS GOD!!!
Old 01-13-2015, 01:57 PM
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One could argue that in the end, acts of terrorism has more to do with the mindsets and goals of the people orchestrating the attacks and less to do with the religious beliefs of the attackers.

In either case, I will have to close this thread as debating is prohibited in this specific forum section to promote constructive discussions. And even then, this post is unnecessarily aggressive - feel free to discuss the existence of God in the debate sub-forum, but make sure it's done in a pleasant fashion.
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