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Old 09-07-2011, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by apache_blanca View Post
a reason I would personally like a special subforum is to have a dedicated place for "this stuff" rather than searching across the whole ToS "Just where would that fit?" & trying to squeeze it here or there in a "more or less suitable" subforum hoping nobody says "This doesn't belong here". Like we have threads for music, fan art, Pandora & what not.
That is a fine reason ma tsmuke, but unfortunately, that isn't why it is being done. Your thread about OBE's and my thread about OBE's would have to go in separate boards (in these circumstances, the pronouns are appropriate and apply directly, please don't troll all over my pronouns )
That is the main problem I see with having Spirituality rather than Ideology-- however, it is looking more and more like Spirituality is happening for sure. In the event that it does, I need a place for my threads on these subjects to go. I hope you understand

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Old 09-07-2011, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Clarke View Post
I may just be new, but I've never seen that happen. Can you cite an example?
Well the most prominent one (which probably was part of why Eltu started this thread and poll) is of course this one: Who are we?
I think some, me included, do not really want to start topics like this out of fear something like this happens there. I mentioned at times my own experiences in other threads, but more on a sidenote, because it does not really feel "right" to post a thread about talking to trees or spirit animals in the "general" section. And where else should this go? If one finds a scientfic discovery or hears about a new computer gimmick - there are subforums for that in place. If I find something out about environmental issues - climate models, destructive practices, deforestation studies, something about adverse effects of some technologies - i know I can post it in the environmentalism section and that is fine. But where do I post something about these spirituality topics? Under "general" (toghether with all the random chatter)? Certainly not under the Avatar sections that are supposed to be about the movie mostly. Maybe if it was a bad experience it can go to community support or if it actually was something like a dream or vision about Pandora (or something close to it) it can go in the Pandora section. But where would I put a topic that is about the song within us, the great dance that makes the world? And moreover where do I post this and can expect others who can actually realte to that to read it and reply, talking about their own experiences along these lines. This is something I'd like to see, not some place to debate about if there is a song or if trees really can talk to us...
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"Humans are storytellers. These stories then can become our reality. Only when we loose ourselves in the stories they have the power to control us. Our culture got lost in the wrong story, a story of death and defeat, of opression and control, of separation and competition. We need a new story!"
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Default Let me Make It Abundantly Clear

Let me Make It Abundantly Clear

I have from the time I have joined theses forums, first AF then ToS had my own particular style and Spirt of my contributions to here, which from the beginning have been focused on Spirituality and Community Building. And Irregardless of the present fiasco, I am not about to change that!

I have from those humble beginnings been and seen my role, not only as a member, but as an elder and a teacher, imparting, sharing what ever wisdom I have gained over my life years, to uplift and enrich our ToS family with a scope and breadth of insights from all walks of life, that speak to the Unity, Harmony, Tolerance, Connectedness, and Spirit tht I saw in Avatar. To me that is the highest purpose that I can serve here, and I'm going to continue

There has never been any objections to the way I've done it in the past, and adementaly refuse to acknowledge any that might (or have) been raised now!

Personally as I see it, as previously been given this freedom, that the precedent has been set, and this forum is just going to have to live with that.
Parden the expression but if you want to change the 'by-laws' now, well I'm grandfathering myself with my unique style.

Technically most of the posts I've made in the the last few days aren't any different than my usual or previous ones, other than my indignant ones!
So I won't put up with any more noncence of suggesting I'm rocking the boat, any more than usual.

For those that missed it, my RESUME is a proven 30 year track record, training and Certification in the areas of Mediation, Counselling, Advocacy, and Community Building, let alone the number of Communities and Community Organizations I have been a part of and ensured a contribution of positiveness and empowerment to help them grow!

What i do here, is no different, that what I say or do in 'real life' nor any less important. And I will not desist nor walk away at this point.

Well the rest of your work it out on how it 'should be' to get along. I'll keep leaving you guide posts, that hopefully, eventually, more than a few will notice, and perhaps come to see, not just myself, but many have been showing you all along!

I quote books for a reason, to point out, you don't have to rebuild the 'wheel' so to speak. Many well ahead of us have already left their guidance on how to work out the kinks.

This isn't just about ToS .. this is about the world, how you think, behave, contribute here, is for good or bad, the same that you offer to the rest of the world. The question is are any of our contibutions working to 'elevating' the world to be a better place?

I will keep doing my best, the way I always have, nothing is going to change that!

It was impossible not to have, It's impossible not to be, It's impossible not to still ...!

What this world really needs is more artists and environmentalists!

"Its only 'here' that we lose perspective, out at the Cosmic Consciousness Level things get a lot clearer. For example, there is an actual star pattern that is traced in the shape of a Willow Tree, across the breadth of the Milky Way! And no wonder Indigenous peoples refer to the 'here after' as the Happy Hunting Grounds! Has it ever occured to anyone why the bioluminescence dots, on the Na'vi!"
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Originally Posted by auroraglacialis View Post
Well the most prominent one (which probably was part of why Eltu started this thread and poll) is of course this one: Who are we?
I think some, me included, do not really want to start topics like this out of fear something like this happens there.
The "scientific" responses to that begin as early as post #4, yet it doesn't devolve into people taking offense until post #38 or so. Why aren't posts like #4 acceptable?

This is something I'd like to see, not some place to debate about if there is a song or if trees really can talk to us...
That seems to be a moderation issue. Whether or not the trees can talk is not directly related to the experience of the tree talking to you.

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