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Old 04-07-2010, 02:19 AM
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Default Tree of Souls IRC.

(This is just a copy of the previous IRC announcement, which was about to expire)

Join us on our IRC channel at #TreeOfSouls
Also, you are welcome to join our partner forum Avatar-Forums' IRC, at #avtrforums, no matter which forums you use.

How to connect
If you have an IRC client, just set the server address to irc.geekshed, then when connected, use /join #TreeOfSouls
If you don't have a client, you can connect to the network by using an online IRC client. One is available from the IRC link on the navbar.

When connected, you can register your name by using /msg nickserv register password email, then when connecting, you need to use /msg nickserv identify password to identify, or your name will be changed after one minute. This will prevent other people from using your name, and allow you to send and receive PMs on IRC. An email address is not required, but is recommended as this is the only way to recover a lost password.

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Old 04-08-2010, 09:03 PM
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Default IRC Rules.

These rules apply in official Tree of Souls IRC channels:

Users are people, not blank text emmited on your screen. Think before you engage in conversation and abide by these rules to make sure the IRC channel remains a friendly place.

1. Discourage aggression/personal attacks.
Attacking another user, or voicing a negative opinion about someone in public will result in a ban if severe enough. If there is something you dislike about a certain person, take this up in PRIVATE with this user, not in the public channel.

2. Respect each others beliefs.
Respect that not everyone has the same beliefs and opinions as you do. For further guidelines in this matter, see rule 1.

3. Be friendly.
Avoid unfriendly comments and be welcoming to new users. We want a close and friendly community here.

4. Use scripts with care.
Scripts are there to be useful or comical - do not abuse any existing scripts, or create own scripts of abusive nature.

5. Do not fuel flamewars.
If someone posts anything of flaming nature that you disagree with, take this up with the poster in private. Discussions and debates are of course allowed, but if it turns to personal assaults, do not respond in public.

6. Report breaking of rules to admins/mods.
If you see something in the public IRC channel, tell an admin and mod, and we will take action against it.

7. The rules of the forums applies to the IRC channel as well.
All rules of the forums also applies to the IRC channel. Keep that in mind when posting.

Thank you,
The ToS admins and mods

Thanks to ColonelMilesQuaritch for aiding in creating the rules.
Also, thanks to Eltu for originally posting these (There, happy now? )
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Old 04-11-2010, 12:12 AM
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Default Tree of Souls IRC Info, Rules, and Tutorials

There are a few useful commands on IRC that I've discovered. This is hardly original, but it's not yet posted here so I thought I'd share. Commands are typed exactly as entered. Italic text refers to items that you input (usernames, passwords).

/nick Yournick - Obvious. Sets your nickname. It is possible for a nick to be 'reserved' and thus require a password. Which brings me to my next command...

Nick Tips: There is a limit on characters in nicknames, 30 total. No spaces are permitted (see the IRC Quotes thread for what happened to me when I forgot that). Use "_" for a space. IRC doesn't let you set detailed away messages like AIM, MSN, Yahoo and similar. Instead, people change their nicknames to indicate their away status.

Example: Sovereign|Away (the "|" is Shift+Backslash). It's usually helpful to group your "away-nicks" (see below).

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY yourpassword - Tells the server that you are authorized to use the reserved nick you just chose using /nick. Used after the server tells you a nick is protected and registered. This happens either when you sign on (if your IRC client isn't set up to automatically reclaim your nick and identify itself) or when you change from an ungrouped, unclaimed nick to a nick you own.

/msg NickServ Register yourpassword - Registers the nick you are using when you type this command so that only those knowing the password (i.e. you) can use it and no one else.

/msg NickServ GROUP targetnick yourpassword - "Groups" a nick with another nick you control. Convenient because it allows a user to change amongst owned nicks without repeatedly having to use the IDENTIFY command above.

Example: I have the nick Jake, but I also want to have the nick Norm which is unregistered. Assume my password is "pandora." I would execute the following commands.
/nick Norm
/msg NickServ GROUP Jake pandora
The code both registers Norm to me (the user) and groups it with Jake.

Now if I change between Jake and Norm, I won't be asked to identify myself. There is a 60-second delay between uses of the GROUP command.

/msg nickserv ghost yournick yourpassword
If you get disconnected and reconnect with "yournick_" use this command to get your nick back. Also good for nailing anyone who borrowed your nick.

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Old 07-17-2010, 12:13 AM
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Nice guide. I'll add a couple.

/msg nickserv recover yournick yourpassword
Like ghost, but creates a fake user with that nick for 1 minute to stop them connecting.

/msg nickserv release yournick yourpassword
Removes any lock on the nick, such as the fake user created by recover

/away message Sets your status to away - when someone sends you a PM, they will get a message: '(nick) is away - (message)'. If used with no message, removes your away status.
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