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Old 05-01-2010, 07:28 PM
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Default Bowling for Columbine.

By the great director Michael Moore.

I have to say it's a great movie that shows (as other works of his) the weak points of American society: in this case, guns. I believe it had real good points, some inconvenient truths and real impressive stats.

However, I add some parts are clearly demagogic (such as the end, in which he tries to show the picture of a dead-by-gunshot girl to Charles Heston, head of the NRA by then); not one of his best moves.

Anyway. Great movie, great director.
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Old 05-06-2010, 09:31 AM
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Ikran Makto
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Yeah, I enjoyed it.
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Old 05-06-2010, 08:58 PM
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The weakpoint of American Society is hardly the firearms, or at least it isn't from my point of view. It is, as dictated in the film, a climate of consumption and fear. I know many people who have a stated problem with a tool, the tool being the firearm, and they are within all rights to have such a "problem" with firearms. However, i've lived most of my life around bows, crossbows, knives, firearms, fishing rods, and all matter of "out door" tools. To me, they are nothing more than tools, or in the case of all rifles my family has ever owned: historical artifacts. Furthermore, Moore's message does reach Hyperbole when he gets the "Free gun" from the Michigan bank. He states that the bank in question is "handing out" firearms. Well, this isn't the case, as he blatantly is required to fill out federal paperwork to recieve the firearm: paperwork criminals and mentally defectives can not pass.

However, this does not say that I do not have problems with the gun culture present in the United States at this time. Now, as opposed to sixty years ago, it is based on corporatism and consumerism as opposed to wilderness stewardship.
Interestingly enough, Moore may have had a point that he unwittingly (or willingly) put into his movie: the climate of fear. One of my favorite quotations on a related subject is "as the rate of crime drops, the fear of crime grows". The western world, not just America, is based on fear and control. It works in the best interests of those in power across the globe to keep their citizenry afraid of firearms. Of course, this is only broken in the United States by the Republican party, which fellates big firearm corporations for funding: and in no way do they truly care about firearm rights.
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