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Old 07-03-2010, 04:53 AM
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Patrice Maire deals with skxawngs all day.
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Default Babylon 5. (Anyone?)

Since no one has posted this, I am going to open it. One of the top 10 best sci fi shows of all time. It had a poor start being in syndication right off so no two cities had it on the same time and the scheduling was jerked all over the place.
After it went to TNT and Sci Fi it got better audiences.
5 years of stories, characters that developed as the plot did, a continuous story arc that built up toward a climax.
It was a first in television to have not only any show, but a sci fi show that was written like a novel. Five chapters over a five year period.
Has anyone else out there seen it? ALL of it?

Who are you? What do you want?
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Old 07-03-2010, 09:33 AM
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Well it's the best sci-fi show I have ever seen. Too bad it's rather underrated as a whole, considering that it's easily far better than most of the popular stuff out there. The first season was at times a tad slow and fillerish, but from thereon it was just right.

And I have the complete box set that also has all the movies and Crusade, that were rather unimpressive as a whole compared to the quality of the series.
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Old 07-03-2010, 12:50 PM
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I love B5. It is probably my favourite sci-fi series of all time. It was a very thought provoking series and many of the issues addressed are still relevant today. It was a mixture of great action, drama and political intrigue. I especially like how the enemies are the beginning become the allies at the end.

I especially liked the more gritty nature of B5. In the B5 world technology is not necessarily dominant you always felt that people were more important than technology.

I think my favourite character was Ivanova ( i did a summary of her in the great female characters thread) and I was sad that she left before S5.

Greatest Female Characters In TV/Movies.

In saying that the whole series was brimming full of great characters.

The main problem with B5 was caused by the network. B5 was supposed to be a 5 season story arc, but since it looked like the network was going to cancel, the producers decided to compress the last two seasons in season 4. Then at the end of S4 the network changed it's mind and S5 was not so good.

The main thing I was not so keen on was the time travel aspects. It is also a bit human centric. But unlike other Earth based sci-fi, humans are not necessarily seen as the good guys and there is a lot of dumplicity, betrayal and intrigue.

And I agree with Aquaplant on the movies which were a dissapointment. The best thing was Seasons 1-4.

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Old 07-04-2010, 05:45 AM
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Patrice Maire deals with skxawngs all day.
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Location: San Diego, CA
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Yay B5 fans! It's so much fun to discover other fans of this show. We're so few and far between. The latest new I heard is down the line somewhere ( a few years) JMS i considering making a theatrical release B5 movie. It just won't be the same though, considering two of the actors are no longer with us.
The reason why the characters were so memorable is because JMS always wrote characters first then the story. OR rather, wrote the story through the characters. If you don't have a solid character built, the story won't work.
I have two short fanfics I wrote as well as the concept for a longer novel in that universe.
We'll have to discuss this show more. I miss talking with people about the episodes.

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