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auroraglacialis 11-16-2012 10:58 PM

Cloud Atlas
Hi. Anyone see the new movie "Cloud Atlas" by the Wachowski siblings and others? I just saw it and would like to know if someone else has seen it and what they thought of it. Basically the movie is about 6 times across several hundreds of years with archetypal characters or maybe reincarnations? The actors play several roles in these timeframes. It is also about how things are connected over time. I'll not talk too much now, first want to see if someone has seen it. I recommend it.

Cyvaris 11-16-2012 11:08 PM

Cloud Atlas was the first movie to ever live up to my expectations. Simply amazing.

The movie really could have gone overboard with the "don't be a bigot" message or the "tolerate" others them, but it didn't. Instead it was a movie about freedom. Freedom of thought, expression, sexuality, freedom from bondage etc.

I am only sad I missed seeing it in Imax.

Empty Glass 11-17-2012 12:32 AM

The night that I first saw Avatar, the movie was the last thing I was thinking of before I fell asleep, and the first thing I thought of when I awoke the next morning. That didn't happen again until I saw Cloud Atlas a few weeks ago. I had read the book beforehand so I kind of knew what to expect. Even so, I was still blown away by it. It's a different sort of vision that's presented in the movie, not just how the six stories are presented but I think the whole reincarnation/archetype facet is presented differently too (and it's not necessarily better or worse, just interesting to ponder). I loved how it showed how the actions of the various characters caused effects on others in the future (like what Sonmi's declarations did). I can't step back and look objectively at the whole human race to verify this, but I just have a hunch that this is how things really are: that anything anyone does is going to matter in some way later on.

Dare I say it, but I think I like the movie more than the book. I'd gladly go see it again, but it's already been pulled from most of the theaters around where I live so that could be difficult.

auroraglacialis 11-17-2012 12:36 PM

Yes, I read that the average Americans did not value the film so much so it probably was replaced fast by some new Vampire film or something. Here it just started and I think it has the potential to draw in a lot of people. I have not seen many movies twice or more, but this one may be one of them. In part admittedly because I may want to see the dubbed version to at least have some reasonable chance to understand the future-english ;) - It leaves more questions open than it answers, so I wonder if it makes sense to also read the book - Empty Glass - are some of the unclear connections more clear in the book? But then again - I think I just missed so many of them because so much was happening, that I may benefit from a second viewing in getting more clues.
One thing for example I was wondering about was, why Somni was in images on the walls and statues after the fall. Was it because she did incite a revolution? Was it just because she looked like all the other fabricants and these images were just the company logo, which I think is most likely - but then again why do people remember her as a "goddess" - how did that come to be. This movie certianly makes you look for the clues and that way they managed to pull off a movie that people want to go in again and again to find more clues and details and connections. I think that is brilliant :)

Empty Glass 11-17-2012 06:06 PM

I don't know if I would say that unclear connections are more clear in the book. (I'm lending my copy right now so I can't verify that.) I would actually say that the movie made more connections visible to me which I hadn't noticed in the book, although that might have just been part of the filmmakers' vision.

I think that in some cases, there are supposed to be questions that are left for the viewer/reader to answer, particularly with the stories that take place in the future and how their settings came to be. (By the way, one difference in the book is that years are rarely stated to specify how much time has passed between each story.) Regarding Sonmi, my own theory is that she did incite a revolution with the speech that she recorded, and somehow her words survived while the rest of civilization went through the fall. And then, as so often happens with speeches and stories, her words and persona got magnified to the point where first she was a hero and a figurehead, then a legend, and then an object of worship long after she had lived and her original self forgotten. I think you should check out the book Aurora; there are aspects of Sonmi's story that didn't make it into the movie which make it a very compelling read. (Its setting certainly has similarities with Earth as depicted in the Collector's Edition of Avatar.)

:S I don't want to disparage my fellow Americans but I do wish that more people here would give it a chance. Maybe it'll be rediscovered by film buffs after it's released on DVD. And there are still plenty of countries it hasn't been shown in yet; hopefully people in each of those countries will enjoy it too.

auroraglacialis 11-17-2012 08:13 PM

Ah, so will consider reading the book. I found that Somni story interesting. I read, that in the book it was revealed in the end that all she did was part of a government conspiracy to increase the perception that fabricants have to be strongly opressed to prevent terrorism. However I am not sure what the story then is - if that whole thing was orchestrated, as it is described in the book, then maybe the revolution did not happen right away. Especially I dont think that the statues of Somni are related to the Somni in the story. Aftera ll they all look alike. But I can imagine that this particular Somni created a subversiveness among other Somnis which may have lead to a revolution that then later is described as "the fall" - the memory of Somnis revolting would have been preserved because it was them who created the world in the aftermath and the particular Somni in the story was at the beginning of it. Just my theory. Its cool that one has so many options to make a coherent story between the different storylines :)

Empty Glass 11-17-2012 10:48 PM


Originally Posted by auroraglacialis (Post 176938)
I read, that in the book it was revealed in the end that all she did was part of a government conspiracy to increase the perception that fabricants have to be strongly opressed to prevent terrorism. However I am not sure what the story then is - if that whole thing was orchestrated, as it is described in the book, then maybe the revolution did not happen right away.

Ah, well there are things I would say on that as well but I think I'll just stop here and say again - yes, consider reading the book. :) Little things like that are what make it a fantastic read. It is definitely cool how there are so many different options and interpretations to make that can connect everything together - it's one of the things I love about both the book and movie. :)

Moco Loco 11-18-2012 06:02 PM

I saw the trailer for this in August, had since forgotten about it. It'll go on my download list for next month.

Empty Glass 11-19-2012 06:59 AM

Okay, so I saw it a second time today and I loved it even more than the first time. Maybe I'm just a big softie, but the waterworks were even running a bit. There's no question, this is the only movie since two years and eleven months ago that's been close to dominating my mind as much.

I think there's actually something inspirational in it. So much of what the movie is about as a whole is words and ideas (even objects in some cases) going beyond their time of origin and extending into the future. Of people's actions causing effects long after they are dead. If that is true, well, then it seems that everything we say and do should be treated as if it could affect someone far beyond our sight, and that those things should be positive/not have the potential for destruction. I'm not saying that every word that comes out of our mouths could result in others creating novels, revolutions, religions, etc., but still I think it's good to contemplate 'cos we never know.

Also, when exiting the theater I walked slowly and took in the world around me. I just observed all the people around me, thinking something about how each person is his or her own be honest I actually don't remember what exactly it was, only that I wasn't ignoring passerby as is typical. And I just felt glad to be alive - to know that I've been able to do good here and there and that there's still so much to do - and to feel like no matter where I am and who I am in the world, I shall always find something to do that will matter for someone.

iron_jones 11-19-2012 07:05 AM

Looks super badass.

auroraglacialis 11-23-2012 12:59 PM

Ah - did a second viewing yesterday and discoverd some more points. Specifically about the Sonmi statues in the obervatory ;). Oh and what was pretty fascinating to me was that the retirement home was called "Aurora House" and the logo of that house was then again repeated as a tattoo above the eyebrows of a women in the post-civilized village.
Here are some cool image links that show some of the "rebirths" and connections between these main characters, who has the birthmark, who is evil or good, what kind of narrative was in which time - I liked them somewhat, though I am not sure about the birthmark really signalling reincarnation - if it does, it would mean that the use of the same actors in different times would not be a part of the reincarnation story. In a way it makes sense because the birthmark is always with the main narrator of the story, but still... :

Empty Glass 11-24-2012 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by auroraglacialis (Post 177004)
...the logo of that house was then again repeated as a tattoo above the eyebrows of a women in the post-civilized village.

Oh great - now I'll have to keep an eye out for that the next time I see the film. :xD:

Thanks for posting those images. Although that second one really makes me consider each actor's role(s) as one archetype, I think the issue with the birthmark and who is reincarnated as which character is simply open to a lot of interpretation.

Stanley_9875 11-25-2012 04:20 AM

It was fantastic... I've been looking forward to it for months and was simply awesome ... even brought me a little Post Cloud Atlas Depression too... Totally didnt even feel like a 3 hour movie i was so lost in it

But yes definitely amazing

apache_blanca 11-27-2012 08:35 PM

I've seen the trailer, & I am definitely going to see it when it comes to Spain (sometime in February, it seems). this is certainly stuff I am interesting in... especially seeing comments like 'almost a Post Cloud Atlas Depression', hmm, it seems it will be worth it. I just hope they do good translation & voice-over !

thanks for the link EG! :)

Empty Glass 11-28-2012 04:10 AM

You are welcome. :)

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