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Old 08-18-2014, 11:55 PM
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Default habitRPG

I use a productivity app called habitRPG, my party members stopped playing so I was wondering if I could recruit some of you for a new party. If anyone already plays and has room in their party, I'd love to join, otherwise I'll lead a new party for anyone that might want to join now.

Synopsis: HabitRPG is a video game to help you improve real life habits. It "gamifies" your life by turning all your tasks (habits, dailies, and to-dos) into little monsters you have to conquer. The better you are at this, the more you progress in the game. If you slip up in life, your character starts backsliding in the game.

Parties can only have 4 (or was it 5?) people in them at a time so if more people want to play their could be additional parties, and we could also start a guild for all of us to be in since they have no member limit.

I definitely recommend this game, even though I stop playing for weeks at a time, some habits I've gained are genuinely second nature now, I floss everyday even if I can't be bothered to go onto habitRPG to get my experience points for it. I'm only level 4 since I keep dying during the weeks I don't play. I'm hoping having friends playing will help though. Anyone up for it?


They also have a wiki if you're one of those people that like reading the instructions first

HabitRPG Wiki
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Old 08-25-2014, 03:41 AM
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I think I may be interested....I'll have to take a look at at first, but I may give it a try.
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Old 08-26-2014, 06:34 AM
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Yay! You totally should.
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